LeadPro FAQs

Is there a risk of putting off enquirers by asking them to answer questions?

At time of writing (April 2017) LeadPro currently processes 600 emails per day, 84% of all enquiries are filling out the questionnaire.

Is my data safe?

ViewPro is the trading name of Property Technology Ltd, which is a registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller Registration reference: ZA179254. All data is stored in compliance with regulation, using bank grade encryption, in servers within the European Union.

Is there a risk of me losing enquiries?

No, you will still receive all your original enquiries as normal. You will also get the qualified enquiries but these are ‘as well as’ not ‘instead of.

Can LeadPro respond to enquiry emails from our website?

Yes but we have to customise the software to accept enquiries from your website, there is a £220 set-up fee for this work.

If a tenant enquires for a specific property or if it is just a general enquiry, will they get the same automatically generated questionnaire?

Replies are customised to the tenant, personalised with their name, and a link to the property they enquired for. Emails also have the property address as the subject of the reply.

Any risk of the email response going through to the enquirer’s junk/spam folder?

Yes, but it is less than 1%

What does their response look like when it comes through to the agent?

See the How it Works page for graphics.

What is the difference between LeadPro emails and the portal emails?

Your account was set up with smart forwarding, this means:

– If a consumer completes a questionnaire within 25 minutes, you are sent the questionnaire answers only. In this instance the subject will be “Completed questionnaire for..”

– If a consumer doesn’t complete a questionnaire within 25 minutes, you are sent the original enquiry. If the consumer later completes the questionnaire, you’re sent another email with the questionnaire answers. In this instance the subject of the questionnaire results will be “RE: ” followed by the original subject on the enquiry from the portal. This is so your email client puts both emails together and you don’t have to hunt around for which enquiry a completed questionnaire belongs to.