Letting Agents, Say Yes & Sell Tenanted Property with Portolio!

Letting Agency plays a vital role in UK property and the job carried out by a letting agent has never been more important. Many letting agents already sell property, but many more don’t. I get that. I was a letting agent and was firmly in the “janitorial” camp; which means we didn’t stray from the core job of looking after the property and tenants.

I sold that business in 2013 and since then have helped property investors find good value investments. Many of the deals were tenanted properties, kindly brought to me by letting agents.

Portolio Property Market is here to help those letting agents across the UK. The ones who feel like they don’t have the resources to sell property. We know that selling is not their core business, and we don’t want to change that. However, I do know that their clients, the landlords, will have, at some point, asked if they can help them sell.    

Portolio is an exclusive platform (www.portolio.co.uk) tailored for a letting agent to sell tenanted property on an ad hoc basis, and one that gives the world’s property investors the right information.

At Portolio Property Market, the property investor will be able to see;

  • Current safety certificate information for the property
  • The current rent being paid, and an accurate rental valuation for the property
  • Information on the current lease and tenancy
  • A fixed sale price

You can read more on how Portolio can help property investors on our first blog - https://portolio.co.uk/blog/articles/why-i-created-portolio-property-market.

The whole of the UK is affected by the changes in tax relief, new buy-to-let mortgage legislation and, of course, the interest rate increase. So, from London, to Cardiff and to Edinburgh……the landscape is changing.   

We’re passionate about the role Portolio can play in helping the UK’s letting agents adapt to what is a changing market. We enable all letting agents to sell tenanted property for their landlords. We are based in Scotland. Our current small crop of properties for sale are local but we are ready to go UK wide.

From the letting agent’s point of view, there are some clear benefits to selling tenanted property for their landlord;

  • Increased retention of their managed property portfolio   
  • An opportunity to increase revenue
  • Saying Yes, instead of No

Letting agents are uniquely skilled and uniquely positioned to sell tenanted property to property investors. Portolio understands the role the letting agent play in the industry. We don’t charge a monthly subscription. We give all letting agents a way to say yes when asked the question; “can you help me sell my property?”.

Author: Chris Wood 

Why not get in touch with Chris for more information? You can call him on 07517 092 480 or drop him an email at chris@portolio.co.uk 

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Written by Sophie Lopresti

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