What Do Customers Want From An Estate Agent?

More than 200 estate agents have opened in London in the past year, and with the emergence of online agents, competition is at its peak. Improving customer service should be a priority for every agent if they want to be distinguishable from the competition. But what exactly do customers want?

Quick communication

Millennials have grown up in a world driven by instant gratification. This idea drips into everything they do, whether it is buying a pair of trainers or renting a home. Agents no longer have the luxury of waiting two days to qualify an enquiry.

Technological advancements within the industry have made the pre qualification of enquiries much easier and quicker. A study taken by Feefo further supports the need for quick communication, with 44% of consumers liking how quickly their agent responded to queries.

Willingness to adapt to change

In order for customers' demands to be met, letting agents must be willing to innovate and turn away from certain traditions. The popularity of PropTech proves that technology can advance the property sector, if it is embraced. There are many new tools that make processes like booking viewings and 24/7 communication with customers a lot easier. If the agent is willing to adapt and take a risk with technology, they are likely to expand.


Customers are usually sceptical about agents as they have a reputation of putting everything on the line just to close the deal. Being able to trust your agent plays a big role in how customers choose who to work with. In fact 28% of people say that being able to trust the agent is most important, whilst 16% of people follow recommendations from family and friends. Social influence is very important for agents, as a lot of business comes from referrals. If you are able to develop a rapport built on trust with your customer, you’re headed in the right direction.

Knowledge and expertise

It goes without saying that in order to make customers satisfied, you have to provide them with accurate information. The dynamic between the customer and the agent sees the customer heavily dependant on the agent. However it is also up to the customers to have an understanding of the market.

Having the most knowledge about the real estate market is crucial for clients. You can’t fault a customer for asking too many questions, as it is their job to make an informed decision. As a agent, it is your job to have all the answers or at least know where to get the answers from.

Understanding customers wants can transform the way a company interacts with its consumers. The modern day customer is more demanding than ever before, and it can seem that their needs are insatiable. Providing quality customer service isn’t always an easy thing to do, but when done correctly it can bring enormous returns to you and your team.

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Written by Sam Zawadzki

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